InstantRad is set to collaborate with Nvidia to enhance its teleradiology software, using Artificial Intelligence. This will make the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases quicker and better using medical images, by transporting these images digitally from modalities (CT Scanners, X-ray machines, etc) to radiologists in a very short time, to increase the chances of saving patients’ lives and making healthcare more accessible. According to the Co-founder – Seth Quansah, there is a shortage of radiologists in Africa, and the team hopes to fill the gap by increasing the current number of radiologists on its platform (which currently has over 100 African radiologists).

InstantRad x Nvidia.

“Ghana, for instance, has about 80 radiologists serving a population of 32 million people. Nigeria, with a population of about 210 million people, has less than 300 radiologists. In some African countries, there is only one radiologist for every five million people,” – Seth Quansah (Co-founder, InstantRad)

The company offers Teleradiology-Platform-As-A-Service (TPaas) which enables hospitals to demand interpretation of medical images for their patients from radiologists promptly while radiologists can provide their services to different hospitals when needed.

How Teleradiology works.

Medical images are first transported digitally from the modalities (CT scanner, MRI, X-ray, etc), to the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), then they are transmitted to the onsite desktop, then to the cloud server, and finally to hospitals or radiologists. More than one hospital can be connected to the server, and radiologists in different locations can receive images, and review them at the same time, thereby speeding up the process.

The collaboration.

As part of its efforts to make the interpretation of medical images quicker and better, InstantRad is collaborating with Nvidia, a multinational American technology company and a global leader in Artificial Intelligence.
This collaboration involves the integration of two Nvidia Frameworks – NVIDIA Clara, and MONAI with the teleradiology software, starting with the X-ray, Computed Tomography (CT), and Computed Radiology (CR) modalities.

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan

The NVIDIA Clara Holoscan is a domain-specific computing platform that delivers the full-stack infrastructure needed for scalable, software-defined, real-time processing of streaming data at the edge—so developers can build devices and deploy AI applications directly into clinical settings.
Artificial Intelligence apps are built with Clara Holoscan SDK and MONAI, and deployment is streamlined with the NVIDIA Clara AGX developer kit and NVIDIA IGX. The platform speeds up the medical development and deployment process.

(The medical development and deployment process) Source: Nvidia

Modern Open Network for Artificial Intelligence (MONAI), is the domain-specific, open-source medical AI framework that drives research breakthroughs and accelerates AI onto medical devices. The framework unites doctors with data scientists to unlock the power of medical data to train deep learning models for medical AI workflows and provides tools for Medical AI Model development workflow, from Research to Clinical Production.

Benefits of the collaboration to patients and Healthcare in Africa.
This collaboration will:
● Increase developer productivity, development and deployment of high-quality applications following best practices.
● Result in a faster teleradiology process and resultant diagnostics.
● Reduce the cost involved in the provision of professional healthcare service delivery.
● Increase efficiency in healthcare service delivery.
● Ensure that patients are able to promptly access best treatment methods.

InstantRad is also considering becoming a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, which is designed to help startups evolve faster through access to cutting-edge technology and NVIDIA experts, opportunities to connect with venture capitalists, and co-marketing support to heighten their visibility.

We are super-excited about this partnership, the benefits attached to it, and the imminent growth of InstantRad. Kudos to the team!

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