Africa’s Leading Healthcare and Wellness Investment Firm

A pan-African, female-led VC driving high-impact innovations with visionary healthtech and fintech founders to improve the lives of over 1.4 billion people Africans.

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Africa’s Leading Healthcare and Wellness Investment Firm

A pan-African, female-led VC crafting high-impact innovations with visionary healthtech and fintech founders to improve the lives of 1.4 billion+ Africans.

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About Us

HealthCap Africa (“HealthCap” or “HCA”) is an Africa-focused investment firm with a mandate to improve the lives of 1.4 Billion Africans by investing in assets that create a healthier world.

Our venture fund is focused on investing in early-stage fintech and healthtech startups across the continent. We have invested in 16+ startups that operate in 10+ countries, have collectively raised  nearly $100 million in follow on capital and have over 1 million users/customers.

Our Investment Focus

Investing in a market and sector that we know well – we invest in pre-Series A healthtech and fintech startups operating in the big four African markets: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt. This focus is based on the potential we see in these markets, where our skills, expertise, and presence on the ground can be leveraged to support our founders, create impact, and safeguard the capital of our limited partners.

Why Healthtech

With one of the worst healthcare outcomes in the world, Africa's healthcare represents a greenfield opportunity for investors. Increased technology adoption on the continent boosts our confidence in the future growth potential of the sector.

Why Fintech

Africa is the world's most innovative fintech market. 70% of the world’s mobile money transactions occur in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2022, the African Fintech space attracted 39% of the $ 6.5 billion African venture capital pool. This reaffirms the unwavering confidence of global investors in the boundless potential of this sector, and we believe African fintech innovators are just getting started.

Our Investment Criteria

Pre-series A fintech and healthtech startup operational in Africa
Established management team
Align with Gender, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (GDEI) initiatives

Portfolio and Impact Highlights

16+ portfolio companies
1 million+ customers / patients reached
Nearly $100 million follow-on capital raised by portfolio companies
10 Techstars and Y Combinators alumni
13,000 direct and indirect jobs were created
50% women in management
Operational in 10 African countries
3240+ minutes founders strategy sessions
40+ portfolio business intros
1316+ ecosystem webinars

Portfolio Companies

Our Founders Love Us

I have worked closely with the HealthCap team, especially Dr Ola Brown, and have had the opportunity to observe the significant impact they have had on our business. Since their initial investment in our seed round in 2019, HealthCap Africa has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our company's growth and success. They have been a big supporter and advocate of our business in many ways. By leveraging their network of contacts, HealthCap Africa has unlocked new opportunities for us. They have facilitated connections with key stakeholders in the Nigerian healthcare sector and have been instrumental in fostering partnerships. A notable example of their impact is the introduction of a strategic investor, which led to a highly successful fundraising campaign. Furthermore, the team's unwavering dedication to our advancement and their eagerness to provide insights and share resources that stand out remarkably.

    Olusoga Oni
    Olusoga Oni

    Co-founder and CEO, MDaaS Global

    HealthCap has been very supportive since they invested. They were very supportive throughout our Series B fundraising journey. In terms of the business, HealthCap’s founder, Dr. Ola Brown, has introduced us to several customers, one of which is the Indorama telemedicine project which has given us 10,000 patients. We also get introductions to other investors, even unsolicited ones. HealthCap has been very supportive on both the business side and the investment side., even up to the point of promoting our business across their social media platforms. Most investors take a sit-back after investing. You barely hear from them. You don’t feel like they provide the value add they claim to. But with HealthCap, It’s quite different.

      Dimeji Soforowa
      Dimeji Soforowa

      Co-founder and CEO Helium Health

      HealthCap has been intentional about providing useful help. We had a situation where we were trying to navigate a potential strategic partnership. It wasn’t something we’ve done before so we didn’t understand the dynamics of such a partnership, so because HealthCap has a strong understanding of the healthcare sector, we could go to them, and seek their advice and they helped us with good input that helped structure the partnership.

        Folake Owodunni
        Folake Owodunni

        Co-founder and CEO, of Emergency Response Africa (ERA)

        Our Impact Strategy

        The firm’s investments will have the highest direct impact on four sustainable development goals

        Financial Inclusion

        We target companies that offer innovative financial services, such as mobile banking, microfinance, digital payment solutions, and cross-border remittances to drive financial inclusion.

        Gender equality and equal access to opportunities

        Invest in companies promoting gender equality and equal access to employment opportunities. This forms part of our due diligence on potential investee companies.

        No Poverty

        Target businesses contributing to poverty alleviation through job creation and income generation.

        Affordable and Accessible healthcare for all

        Our fund actively supports businesses that provide innovative and affordable healthcare solutions, including
        telemedicine, healthcare technology, diagnostics, pharmacy solutions, etc.

        Meet The Team

        Dr. Ola Brown

        Founder & Managing Partner

        Dr Dami Adeyemi-Levites

        Chief Investment Officer

        Audrey Onwumere

        Chief of Staff

        Miracle Nnaji

        Senior Investment Analyst

        Marion Okewih

        Lead, Investor Relations

        Obianuju Ndedigwe

        Investor Relations