About Us

HealthCap Africa is a venture fund with a focus on early-stage fintech and healthtech startups throughout Africa.

Our Operations

HealthCap Africa Limited (“HealthCap” or “HCA”) is an Africa-focused investment firm with a mandate to improve the lives of 1.4 billion Africans by investing in assets that create a healthier world.

Our venture fund is strategically focused on investing in early-stage fintech and healthtech startups across the Big Four Markets and Sub-Saharan Africa. We have invested in 16+ startups with operations that span across 10+ countries. Our portfolio companies have collectively raised nearly $100 million in follow-on capital, enabling them to cater to over 1 million users / customers across 10 countries in Africa.

At HealthCap Africa we are committed to creating economic value through investing in assets that make the continent of Africa a healthier place.


HealthCap Africa is a pan-African venture capital firm based in Lagos. At its founding in 2020, HealthCap was designed to be a sector-focused VC firm, investing in Healthtech and fintech startups. This strategy is premised on the understanding that sector-specific expertise plays a critical role in ensuring that portfolio startups receive the right support needed for rapid growth and superior performance. As of date, HealthCap has invested in 16+ exceptional companies that have collectively created over 1,000 direct and approximately 12,000 indirect jobs; and served over 1 million customers across 10 countries in Africa. Our portfolio companies have actively driven key ESG outcomes such as gender inclusivity and equal opportunities (with 50% of staff, both at junior and management levels, being female).


Improving the lives of Africans through investment in assets that create a healthier world


Advancing accessible, innovative, and sustainable healthcare and financial systems across the African continent.

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Why Choose Us?

Key Market Differentiator

Specialist Expertise

Our winning team has 100+ years of collective experience as healthcare or financial service operators and brings unique insights on board. In addition, studies show that sector experts tend to outperform generalists in subject-matter areas.

Quality Deal Flow

An incredible social reach, strategic partnerships, and scout network across the VC and Startup Ecosystem.

Portfolio Support

Our portfolio companies can testify to our intentionality in holding hands through their growth process and leveraging our network to meet their needs.

Strong GP Track Record

Our GP’s first fund which she co-founded and ran returned a 5x DPI, which places it not just in the top-performing funds in Africa, but the top-performing funds in the entire world.