With no external capital raised, HealthCap has built a portfolio of 16+ startups across the African fintech and healthtech verticals.



Established in 2021 by Yele Bademosi and Joseph Orilogbon. They are on a mission to democratize access to economic opportunities for everyday people in frontier markets. The start-up is doing this by building, operating, and investing in simple products that make crypto accessible to everyone.

Helium Health


Established in 2016 by Adegoke Olubusi, Dimeji Sofowora, Nicholas Moore, and Tito Ovia. They specialize in developing hospital software to manage patients’ health records and data. Helium Health helps hospitals digitize medical records, manage operations, and apply for financing, while providing a telemedicine solution to doctors. Using tech to build a modern and affordable healthcare system, Helium aims to be the largest healthcare data exchange in Africa.

MDaaS Global


Established in 2016 by Genevieve Barnard, Joe McCord, Oluwasoga Oni, Opeyemi Ologun. MDaaS Global operates tech-enabled diagnostic centers in clinically underserved communities. MDaaS Global connects low-income and middle-income patients with modern, convenient, and affordable diagnostic services, helping patients to identify health issues earlier, gain access to medical specialists and treatment options, and ultimately, live healthier, happier lives.

Infiuss Health

(Healthcare/Clinical Trials/Research)

Established in  2018 by Melissa Jane BIME, Infiuss Health is Africa’s first remote clinical research platform. They are democratizing and connecting African patients and participants to life-changing medical science, Infiuss Health decentralizes trials by providing remote access to participant screening, recruitment, engagement, e-consent, and follow-up.

Lifestores Pharmacy

(Retail Pharmacy)

Established in 2017 by Andrew Garza and Bryan Mezue. Lifestores Healthcare is a retail pharmacy start-up bringing disruptive innovation to the pharmaceutical sector by democratizing access to quality healthcare. Lifestores Healthcare is using technology to democratize access to quality and affordable primary healthcare in Africa.



Established in 2017 by Osh. Agabi and Salys Christina. Koniku is a synthetic biotechnology company. They leverage synthetic biology merged with silicon to build devices to map all volatile organic compounds that touch human life. Koniku comes from a Nigerian word that translates to “has no death”, immortal. They are inspired by the Hydras – the first organisms to have a nervous system.



Established in 2020 by Ayo Akindele. Kyshi is a fintech company that offers financial services, providing digital expansion services to global companies enabling accelerated expansion and payment reconciliation across Africa. Kyshi provides a formal, simple, and secure platform for Africans to transact across borders. They are on a mission to unlock more countries while demystifying money transfers one currency at a time, connecting you to Africa.


(Drug Manufacturing)

Established in 2019 by Charles Ogunwuyi is an innovative branded generics life sciences organisation. Their mission is to develop and create access to high-quality medicines that yield successful outcomes and improve the quality of life of patients in our community.


(Health and Wellness)

Established in 2012 by Affiong Williams. ReelFruit is on a mission to
inspire delightfulness by offering the tastiest snacks in town. A first-of-its-kind that offers dried fruit snacks, made in Nigeria but sold to the world. They are motivated each and every day to offer the best range of products to their customers across the world.



Established in 2018 by Seth Quansah. InstantRad is on the mission to provide instant, secure, and quality platform for radiology reporting, they provide a platform for connecting medical professionals with the medical images and data needed to produce medical reports. InstantRad offers Teleradiology-Platform-As-A-Service (TPaas) and a marketplace for Healthcare and Imaging Facilities. Teleradiology service providers can create and manage their own imaging centers, radiologists, patients, and referring physicians.



Established in 2018 by Chioma Ruky Okotcha, Uche Nnadi, and Zach Bijesse. PayHippo is making it easier to finance small and medium sized businesses in Africa. PayHippo helps SMEs access and spend lender capital effectively. Their goal is to support growth by providing accessible financing solutions, ensuring quick and seamless access to funds.


(Health Tech)

Established in 2021 by Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson, and Victor Amusan.  Healthtracka is a health innovation company leveraging its seamless operations, digital technology, and innovation to improve access to seamless healthcare in Africa. Healthtracka provides a digital health platform that allows consumer direct access to lab tests bookings, at-home sample collection and digital results in 1-3days.

Emergency Response Africa

Established in 2019 by Folake Owodunni and Maame Yaa Afriyie Poku. Emergency Response Africa is a healthcare technology company that is transforming the way medical emergencies are managed in Africa. With the largest network of First Responders, emergency vehicles like ambulances, and verified Emergency-Ready hospitals across Nigeria, they connect emergency victims to the help they need 24/7. 


Established in 2016 by Temie Giwa Tubosun. LifeBank is a healthcare technology and logistics company that connects blood banks and hospitals. They collect blood from registered blood banks and deliver it to patients in hospitals. They digitize the supply chain for healthcare facilities in Africa. 


Established in 2020 by Abimbola Amusan, and Olusola Amusan. Their Mission is to be the go-to legal and financial services solution provider for the next 1 billion Immigrants. Vesti is a legal immigration and global migration provider. They provide financial payments and settlement of migration-related fees, enabling users to move from one place to another and transfer money. Vesti uses artificial intelligence and blockchain for transactions.


Established in 2014 by Atinuke Idowu, Ayomide Awe, and Emmanuel Gbolade. Their mission is to provide customer messaging for the next generation of African technology business. Termii provides an online platform that helps teams secure repeat customers by sending personalized emails and SMS through multiple. Termii helps African businesses communicate with customers across SMS, email, voice, and instant messaging channels.

Get Equity

Established in 2021 by Jude Dike, Temitope Babatunde Ekundayo, Williams Okafor, GetEquity Inc is a Nigeria-based investment platform seeking to make funding easy and quick for African start-ups while providing the common people with a bite of the booming start-up ecosystem.

The company provides its services through a private marketplace where investors and companies to trade digital securities and assets privately and securely; the platform allows companies or enterprises to digitalize their assets and create liquidity by managing and syndicating investments.