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The Catalyst Syndicate is a community of high-value business experts fostering the growth of exceptional tech innovations. As a community of committed investors, we champion early-stage ventures, offering not just financial support but also leveraging our diverse expertise, time, and networks. Our mission is to catalyze growth, creating an ecosystem where innovative ideas flourish and sustainable enterprises thrive. We remain dedicated to propelling forward-thinking ventures toward success in today’s dynamic investment landscape.


We envision a future where our collaborative efforts pave the way for trailblazing advancements, shaping a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.


To drive transformative growth in the entrepreneurial landscape by uniting individual and corporate angel investors under the Catalyst Syndicate, empowering early-stage startups within the HealthTech and FinTech domains


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Join our community of over 20 members across 5 different countries and 3 continents.

Beyond financial investment, the catalyst syndicate provides members with access to a web of opportunities that allow us guide them in the actualization of  their individual financial goals and contribution to a sustainable future. 

  • Access to a selection of exceptional, vetted, venture investment and management opportunities
  • An interactive community of high-value business professionals across the diaspora for business collaboration and network building
  • Educational opportunities and workshops with industry experts through exclusive webinars and learning programs.
  • Insight into startup and VC ecosystem events, trends and highlights.
  • Opportunity to leverage business expertise to create impact and foster the growth of the African Economy through subject-matter counsel and guidance to our startup network.