Celebrating Termii’s Milestone: Over 1 Billion Customer Transactions Processed!

At Healthcap Africa, we are incredibly proud to announce that Termii, one of our portfolio companies and a leading communication platform in Africa, has achieved a monumental milestone by processing over 1 billion customer transactions! This impressive achievement encompasses SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp communications, demonstrating the company’s pivotal role in revolutionising the way fintech, healthtech, and other businesses connect with users across the continent.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Emmanuel Gbolade, Termii has continued to break new ground in the communication sector. Emmanuel’s innovative approach and relentless pursuit of excellence have been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success. His dedication to enhancing communication infrastructure in Africa has not only transformed businesses but has also had a profound impact on millions of lives.

Termii currently empowers 16,000 businesses, enabling them to reach 10 million Africans on a monthly basis. This extensive reach and influence underscore the critical role the company plays in facilitating seamless and efficient communication across diverse sectors, from fintech and healthtech to education and retail.

At Healthcap Africa, our mission is to support visionary entrepreneurs and startups that have the potential to make a significant impact on the continent. Termii’s incredible journey and remarkable achievements align perfectly with our vision of fostering innovation and driving growth in Africa’s fintech and healthtech ecosystems. As a female-led venture capital firm, we take great pride in our diverse portfolio of 16 startups, including Termii, each contributing uniquely to the continent’s development. We remain committed to supporting their continued growth and success as they more significant impact, through innovations in Africa.

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