A Day In The Life Of A HealthCap Graduate Trainee

In the fast-paced realm of venture capital, where innovation meets investment, the role of a graduate trainee is like a bridge connecting the aspirations of entrepreneurs with the strategic thinking of seasoned investors. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, as these trainees immerse themselves in the dynamic landscape of startups, technology, and disruptive ideas. Join us as we take you on an exciting journey – A day in the life of a HealthCap Africa graduate trainee.

About the HealthCap Graduate Trainee Program

The Healthcap Africa Graduate Trainee Program is a 12-week initiative held twice a year, aimed at providing a comprehensive learning experience that prepares recent graduates for a career in venture capital, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and network necessary to excel in the competitive and fast-paced world of startup investing. The program has two sides which are: learning on the job, and academic learning. Learning on the job aims at giving trainees hands-on experience and knowledge about the venture capital ecosystem that can help them succeed in their career wherever they go. While the academic learning side combines books, courses and practical tasks which allows trainees to apply what they’ve learnt to real life situations, with close supervision.

Trainees are involved in deal sourcing, due diligence, financial analysis, market analysis, pitch evaluation, developing investment memorandums and portfolio management. 

Meetings/Team briefs

Developing team alignment is important for each member’s productivity and the overall success of the team. Graduate trainees start off their day/week with a team meeting or brief with other senior members of the team to ensure everyone is headed towards a clear direction and on the same page.

Deal sourcing/reviews

With guidance from senior members of the team, trainees are tasked with sourcing for, and reviewing investment deals. 

Founder calls

A highlight of the day is the series of pitches from startup founders seeking investment. These sessions offer a glimpse into the world of innovation, where individuals passionately articulate their vision, strategy, and business model. As a trainee, observing these pitches provides a firsthand understanding of how founders present their ideas and respond to probing questions from experienced investors. Trainees are also tasked with developing summaries of all calls.

Lunch and Networking

A well-deserved break for lunch and networking is an important part of a trainee’s day. This moment offers a chance to exchange insights, seek advice and build connections that could prove valuable throughout their careers. Moreover, lunch break helps trainees recharge for the remaining part of the day.

Portfolio Company Analysis

Trainees work alongside analysts to assess financial statements, operational metrics, and growth projections. This deep dive helps them understand how investment decisions translate into real-world outcomes and provides a holistic view of the venture capital lifecycle.

Learning Sessions

At HealthCap Africa, learning and development is a very important part of our culture. Individuals are encouraged to take courses and share their learnings to other members of the team through a presentation. As a trainee, attending these sessions offers a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals, gain insights into investment strategies, and understand the intricacies of deal negotiations. These interactions foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Individual Projects

Each day, trainees work on their individual projects including reading books, taking courses, working on case studies and making presentations. Each project has a deadline, and is usually graded by their supervisors. 

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