Meet Healthcap Africa’s 2023 Graduate Trainees

Healthcap Africa is excited to introduce its latest cohort of graduate trainees for the year 2023, comprising 5 exceptional individuals selected to participate in the Healthcap Africa Graduate Trainee Program. The 5 applicants were chosen from a pool of 1,155 applications, marking a 0.4% acceptance rate. 

3 of the trainees are HND holders, 1 is a BSc holder and the other is an MSc holder who is keen on pursuing her PhD. The recent graduates are keen on improving their career development and making a lasting impact in the venture capital ecosystem. Their age ranges from 20-29 years and quite interestingly, we have a 60%-40% gender split, with 3 of them being males and 2 of them being females.

From the pool of 1,155 applicants, 11 are MSc holders. Furthermore, 80% of applicants attended a public university, 10% attended a private university and 10% attended a polytechnic. 4 of the selected applicants are finance graduates, while the remaining 1 is a non-finance graduate, specifically a plant science graduate who transitioned to corporate finance due to his interest in the industry. 

About the Program

The Healthcap Africa Graduate Trainee Program is a 12-week initiative held twice a year, aimed at providing a comprehensive learning experience that prepares recent graduates for a career in venture capital, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and network necessary to excel in the competitive and fast-paced world of startup investing.

Moreover, the program offers a unique experience with monthly rotations across various departments within the company, including Accounting & Treasury and Venture Capital. 

Meet the Cohort

Out of a remarkable pool of 1,155 applications received in just 2 weeks, 5 outstanding individuals were selected to join the program. The first batch comprises 3 Finance graduates: Fiyin, who works in the Venture Capital team; Abiodun, who excels in the Accounting & Treasury team; and Anisah, keen on pursuing her Ph.D. and currently contributing to the Venture Capital team.

On the other hand, the second batch includes Victor, who transitioned from plant science to corporate finance due to his passion for the industry and now works in the Venture Capital team. Additionally, Godwin, a graduate of Accounting, is also part of the Venture Capital team. These trainees impressed the selection committee with their exceptional performance during the recruitment process and their undeniable potential.

The Graduate Trainee Tracks

Healthcap Africa offers two distinct graduate trainee tracks. The first track spans three months, during which candidates spend four weeks each learning about accounting, treasury, audit, and venture capital, and four weeks delving into project finance, infrastructure, and public-private partnerships.

Moreover, the second track, Venture Capital, also spans 12-weeks with a focus on a comprehensive range of skills required for venture capital analysts in Africa. These skills include Financial Analysis, Market Research, Due Diligence, Financial Modeling, Investment Memorandum writing, Valuation Techniques, and Industry Knowledge.

Life as a Healthcap Africa Graduate Trainee

Throughout the 12-week program, trainees concentrate on two main tasks: Venture Capital work and Individual Projects. These tasks are aimed at giving them hands-on experience and knowledge about the venture capital ecosystem that can help them succeed in their career wherever they go.

On the Venture Capital side, trainees are actively involved in the following:

Deal Sourcing: Our trainees are involved in sourcing potential investment opportunities. They learn how to research and identify startups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and promising growth potential. This involves using various resources, attending networking events, and leveraging their analytical skills to evaluate companies’ market traction.

Due Diligence: Trainees learn the art of due diligence, which involves conducting comprehensive research and analysis on companies being considered for investment. This process includes studying market trends, financials, competitive landscape, intellectual property, team capabilities, and potential risks associated with the investment.

Financial Analysis: Our trainees analyse financial statements, project future financial performance, and assess the company’s valuation using various methods like discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis or comparable company analysis.

Market Analysis: Understanding market dynamics and industry trends is crucial for a VC professional. Our graduate trainees learn to analyse market opportunities and evaluate how a startup’s product or service fits into the broader market landscape.

Pitch Evaluation: Our trainees also learn to evaluate pitches from startup founders seeking funding. They develop the ability to ask insightful questions, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business model, and make informed investment recommendations.

Developing Investment Memorandums: Trainees participate in developing investment memorandums or reports that summarise their findings and recommendations about potential investment opportunities. These memos are presented to senior team members for investment decision-making.

Portfolio Management: This involves monitoring and supporting our portfolio companies by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and having meetings with founders for updates.

While being an effective team player is crucial for employability, the ability to work independently is equally essential. Thus, our trainees engage in Individual Projects, which involve studying a curated syllabus, presenting their learnings to the team through presentations, and working on a capstone project every four weeks.

Guided by at least one supervisor, all trainees receive ongoing support and mentorship throughout the 12-week program.

The Healthcap Graduate Trainee Programme commenced with just three trainees last year and has expanded to include 5 trainees this year, selected from a pool of over 1,000 applicants. We’ve now had 8 graduate trainees in total from a pool of 1,990 applicants, marking an acceptance rate of 0.4%

If you’re interested in joining this exceptional program, keep an eye out as applications open twice a year, and the process is straightforward. Stay updated on the latest announcements by following us on our social media platforms: Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Don’t miss the next opening, and take the first step toward an enriching and rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

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  1. This is great, health cap Africa is doing a great job. Capacity building is not an easy task, but with all that has been outlined here, I have huge confidence that tje beneficiaries of this training will do great things in the finance world. More so, from 3 in the last pool to 5 shows it can only get better. Kudos to Dr Ola Brown and the entire team

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