Telemedicine usage in Africa has surged since the pandemic, as it addresses the challenges that discourage patients from undergoing routine checkups. However, there are gaps in what telemedicine can cover. For instance, following most doctor consultations, patients are required to visit hospitals for lab tests, which constitute up to 70% of all clinical decision-making. Additionally, there’s the issue of convenience when patients are reluctant to visit a laboratory or hospital.

Diagnostics lie at the heart of healthcare; without them, doctors and physicians cannot provide treatment. Nevertheless, in emerging markets like Africa, where infrastructure is lacking and the doctor-to-patient ratio stands at a staggering 1:5,000, regular checkups are often an afterthought.

In 2021, Healthtracka was founded to alter this narrative. The platform enables individuals to book their lab tests online, have their samples collected at home, and receive their results via email within 48 hours. The tests encompass a range from fertility and STD tests to full body counts and COVID tests. Healthtracka collaborates with medical laboratories—currently 3 in number: vCare Diagnostics, Lancet Laboratories, and Afriglobal Medicare—who provide them with phlebotomists. These professionals visit patients’ homes to collect samples, analyze them, and deliver results in just 2 days.

Over the past two years, Healthtracka has achieved several noteworthy milestones, including the expansion of health services offered on their platform, growing from just 5 to over 200 health tests featured on their website. This digital health company is also operational in 12 states throughout Nigeria and has recently introduced a self-test HPV kit.

The digital health platform was established by two individuals, Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson and Victor Amusan, who identified challenges in the healthcare sector and took a bold step to solve them.

Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson – Co-Founder, CEO, Healthtracka

Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson founded Healthtracka in May 2021, 5 months after her participation in the Techstars Toronto accelerator program. Before this, Ifeoluwa worked as a Marketing Lecturer focusing on Consumer Insights at the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2021. She also held the position of Head of Marketing at SynlabNG for 2 years.

Since commencing operations, Healthtracka has achieved substantial impacts that have influenced the health and financial well-being of many. The healthtech company is now operational in 12 states across Africa and has expanded its team from 2 to 20 individuals. Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson is spearheading a new era of healthcare management by providing accessible tools and resources, all at the touch of a button.

Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson, along with Victor Amusan, launched the company in May 2021. This news comes five months after their participation in the Techstars Toronto accelerator program in October of the previous year.

Dare-Johnson accumulated several years of experience in the healthcare sector before establishing Healthtracka. At one point, she led marketing efforts at a diagnostic center. However, it wasn’t a passion for her work that motivated the CEO to address this problem; instead, it was a firsthand experience of the problems caused by delayed or absent diagnostics.

Victor Amusan is the Co-Founder and Head of Products at Healthtracka. He previously worked at SystemSpecs and attended the Federal University of Technology Akure. Amusan hails from a family of medical doctors who possess firsthand knowledge of the adverse effects of delayed diagnoses. This has shaped Healthtracka’s approach to tackling this issue.

Healthtracka is reshaping the culture to make lab testing as seamless as ordering a dress online. We take pride in our investment in the company because it aligns with our mission of making healthcare accessible, affordable, and acceptable for all. Healthcap is excited to continue investing in more healthtech companies like Healthtracka that contribute to creating a healthier world.

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