Meet The Founders: MDaaS Global

Established in 2016 by its Co-founder and CEO, Oluwasoga Oni, MDaaS is on a mission to facilitate accessible diagnostic and preventive healthcare for the Nigerian population. Initially, this rapidly growing diagnostics firm began as a secondary medical equipment procurement company but later transitioned into constructing diagnostic centers in underserved communities.

MDaaS has conducted more than 240,000 diagnostic tests spanning cardiology, radiology, neurology, laboratory, and general health check-ups. By the end of the year 2022, the company had catered to a total of 76,635 patients across its facilities. In November 2022 alone, they provided diagnostic services to over 10,000 patients. Till date, MDaaS has served over 275,000 patients.

Furthermore, MDaaS has secured a total of $3.7 million in funding to accelerate its physical expansion throughout Nigeria with the goal of becoming the largest diagnostic chain in the country. Their ambitious vision includes operating 100 centers across the continent and serving one million patients annually by 2025.

MDaaS has also extended its presence to 10 out of the 36 states in Nigeria, boasting a network of 15 diagnostic centers and two affiliate partners in these regions. This positions MDaaS as the third-largest and most rapidly expanding diagnostics network in Nigeria.

Olusoga Oni, Co-Founder & CEO of MDaaS

Olusoga Oni serves as the CEO and Founder of MDaaS. He previously worked as a Software Engineer II at EMC and holds a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Oni revealed that the idea for MDaaS was conceived during his time at MIT when he and fellow classmates were tasked with creating something that could positively impact a billion lives.

Collaborating with Opeyemi Ologun and Genevieve Oni, MDaaS Global was born. They initially imported secondary medical equipment from the United States into Nigeria, providing service support and distributing these equipment to hospitals through various methods such as outright sales, rentals, or leases.

Recognizing the financial challenges faced by patients in affording medical services, they made a pivotal decision to change their business model. This shift led to the establishment of diagnostic centers in underserved communities and identifying the specific equipment required by small and medium-sized hospitals in these areas. As a result, MDaaS has expanded its presence to 10 out of the 36 states in Nigeria.

Genevieve Bernard Oni (Co-founder, MDaas)

Genevieve Bernard Oni is the CFO and Co-Founder of MDaaS Global. The idea for health tech came to her and her co-founder during their time at MIT. They wanted to make world-class medical diagnoses available to everyday people in Africa. And this desire to impact lives led to the launch of MDaaS. 

Genevieve is currently running an MBA/MPA dual degree programme at MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School, with a major in finance and operations. 

Prior to graduate school, Genevieve worked at the UN Development Program in Uganda, served as Program Manager for Babson College’s Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship program, and was Associate Director of the Kletjian Foundation, an organization working to improve global access to surgical care. She has an undergraduate degree in Public Health and African Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

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