HealthCap Africa’s Investment Criteria

HealthCap Africa is committed to supporting and nurturing innovative startups in Africa that align with our core investment criteria. To be eligible for our investment, a startup must meet the following criteria:

  • Operates in Africa: We focus on startups that operate within the African continent. We believe in the potential of African innovation to address local and global challenges.
  • Early-Stage, Pre-Series A: We are particularly interested in early stage startups, typically, pre-Series A funding round. We aim to provide the crucial support needed at this critical phase of growth.
  • Direct Impact on Sustainability: We are committed to fostering sustainability in Africa. Therefore, we prioritize startups whose products or services directly contribute to sustainability outcomes, whether in healthtech or fintech.
  • High-Growth Potential: We seek startups with the potential for rapid growth and scalability. We believe in the power of disruptive innovation to transform industries and drive economic growth.
  • Low-Risk Exposure: We prioritize startups with a low-risk profile, which includes a clean record regarding intellectual property theft and other legal and ethical concerns. We value integrity and compliance with all relevant regulations.

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  1. Kindly confirm whether your organization will be willing to fund a tech enabled cancer center.

    This center will be located in Nigeria and serve Africa, with an E-hospital.

    Ultimately reducing the deaths of cancer patients in Africa.

    Thank you

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