From Personal Struggle to Business Success: Meet the Founders of Vesti App

Making international payments for migration-related activities is a recurring problem that most migrants encounter. Co-founders Abimbola and Olusola Amusan, experienced this challenge first-hand in 2019 while, moving to the United States to attend the Peace Tech Accelerator in Washington D.C. Similarly, the same challenge surfaced when they decided to migrate to the United States. The […]

The Importance Of Treasury Management For SMEs

As a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owner, managing your business’s finances is a critical task that requires careful attention. Among the various aspects of financial management, treasury management often takes a backseat for SMEs. However, effective treasury management can significantly impact your business’s financial efficiency and sustainability. Treasury management is overseeing a company’s financial […]

Announcing the HealthCap Jobs Board

Announcing the HealthCap Jobs Board Our team at HealthCap Africa pride ourselves on the value that we offer to our portfolio companies beyond money. Our support services fall into four main categories: Business Development/Sales and Marketing Support HR/Talent Development Support Fundraising Support Strategy Support In the past 12 months, we have placed a CFO at one […]


WHY WE INVESTED IN PAYHIPPO According to the World Economic Forum’s 2019 competitiveness report, Nigeria ranks 129th in the world when it comes to access to credit for the private sector. In a country of 200m, with nearly half of that population living in extreme poverty, this is a massive problem. If businesses are unable to […]

How to Build Healthcare Unicorns in Africa

How to Build Healthcare Unicorns in Africa In April 2022, we launched the first Healthcare Unicorns Report. The report focuses on some of the most valuable healthtech companies in the world valued at US$1B+. We also looked at the trends, statistics, and data available on healthcare start-ups, our portfolio companies, and the start-ups that have […]