Meet the Founder: Kyshi

In an era where the global economy is rapidly integrating, cross-border transactions remain a persistent challenge for Africans. While the world races ahead, the African continent has often been left trailing behind in terms of financial connectivity. A glimmer of hope emerged in 2011 when Ayo Akindele conceived the idea for Kyshi, a visionary platform […]

HealthCap Africa’s Investment Criteria

HealthCap Africa is committed to supporting and nurturing innovative startups in Africa that align with our core investment criteria. To be eligible for our investment, a startup must meet the following criteria: Checkout our investment portfolio here

Meet Koniku’s Founder, Oshiorenoya Agabi

As the world grapples with pressing public health challenges, Koniku, a pioneering biotech company, remains a beacon of hope. Founded by Oshiorenoya Agabi in 2017, Koniku’s ultimate goal is to make healthcare accessible to all, empowering people to take charge of their well-being. With its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, Koniku is transforming the healthcare […]

Meet The Founders: MDaaS Global

Established in 2016 by its Co-founder and CEO, Oluwasoga Oni, MDaaS is on a mission to facilitate accessible diagnostic and preventive healthcare for the Nigerian population. Initially, this rapidly growing diagnostics firm began as a secondary medical equipment procurement company but later transitioned into constructing diagnostic centers in underserved communities. MDaaS has conducted more than […]

Meet HealthCap Africa’s External (IC) Members

A few months back, HealthCap Africa achieved a significant milestone by appointing its initial external Investment Committee (IC) member, Rebecca Enonchong, FREng. She is the Founder and CEO of AppsTech. Subsequent to this achievement, Lola Aworanti-Ekugo, Chief Digital Officer at FBNQuest, joined as our second external IC member. In many financial and investment-related institutions, having […]

A Day In The Life Of A HealthCap Graduate Trainee

In the fast-paced realm of venture capital, where innovation meets investment, the role of a graduate trainee is like a bridge connecting the aspirations of entrepreneurs with the strategic thinking of seasoned investors. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, as these trainees immerse themselves in the dynamic landscape of startups, technology, and disruptive ideas. […]

An Interview With Fiyin, HealthCap’s 2023 Graduate Trainee.

As a fresh graduate, seeking employment or internship can be a whole lot of stress, which is even amplified if the position is within the venture capital ecosystem.  Fiyin, a venture capital graduate trainee at Healthcap Africa has shared her journey and experience so far in the Healthcap Graduate trainee program. In this interview, Fiyin […]


Telemedicine usage in Africa has surged since the pandemic, as it addresses the challenges that discourage patients from undergoing routine checkups. However, there are gaps in what telemedicine can cover. For instance, following most doctor consultations, patients are required to visit hospitals for lab tests, which constitute up to 70% of all clinical decision-making. Additionally, […]

Meet the Founders: Lifestores Healthcare

Africa’s pharmaceuticals market, valued at $45 billion, is anticipated to achieve a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%, reaching $100 billion by 2030. Despite this promising outlook, the industry contends with challenges emanating from highly fragmented and undercapitalized supply chains, plagued by counterfeit medications, resulting in the tragic loss of thousands of lives annually. […]

Meet The Founder: Infiuss Health

1.4 Billion Africans (the most diverse population on earth) are excluded from clinical research studies today because it takes on average 9-12 months to recruit participants and engage with them to take part in these studies. Leading to researchers missing out on huge data that could be generated from studying this population and also exposing […]